White Horse Prophecy

esi_MASTER america 2

The White Horse Prophecy is slow destruction of the US mitigated on degenerate policy making and SS think tank Crisis Strategy which contravenes the constitution precipitating a Mormon surge to preserve it as a theocracy with Mormons in charge.

Brigham Young discussed this in 1855 writing “When the Constitution hangs, as it were, upon a single thread, they [the American people] will have to call for the ‘Mormon’ Elders to save it from utter destruction; and they [Mormon Elders] will step forth and do it.”

Currently, the Mormon church has pseudo acknowledged BOM narrative identified with Sun Zu’s the Art of war, publication of which is building momentum within the church to SYG on the White Horse Prophecy, although the church has also “jettisoned” public acknowledgement of the latter.

Fabian Society think tank cohorts (currently 80% of US congress) developed much of what we are experiencing as horrific geopolitical circumstances to this end, including communism. They created the fiercest anti-government possible to make an LDS SYG last in opposition to an unbeatable foe so it could stand against any other adversary as well, enter Islam.

The Jesuits are rooted in Crypto Judaism (CJ) and date to Babylon, which means there is CJ influence in Islam. Every one of these, Islam through LDS, are affiliated, each one an improvement on the one previous with the Mormon church rising to preeminence as it was designed to do.

The Mormon church buys it’s solvency with the public via propaganda maintaining an image of absolute faith against a backdrop of theocratic repatriation and Voodoo Politics, and this organization is good at it.

The Mormon church can only do so much to bury it’s corruption, one issue to the next that rises to the surface of this covert repatriation enterprise bearing a multi-million dollar propaganda price tag to remove it out of sight sight, attention to #4 below.


1 Brigham Young was a Jesuit.

2 The Name Barack Obama is derived from the Book of Mormon via occult cipher, the ODC.

3 The most powerful cipher in the world is the ODC, and every American has a copy of it and doesn’t even know it.

4 Thunderbolt- Go on Google Earth and pinpoint the following locations: Kirtland/Ohio, Independence/Missouri, Navoo/Indiana and Mountain Meadows/Utah. Connect the dots. Thunderbolt. The thunderbolt in the occult is the destroyer. The graphic is occult preeminence in the US, MORMON occult preeminence.


5 Mormon temples are typically constructed with pyramid steeples (not round) which conveys this UK organization’s identification with Babylonian/Egyptian mysticism and EU Mason protocol.

There are two things to be aware of at this time: 1) The Mormon church is operating illegally in the US under supervision from the UK as a domestic terrorism and sedition entity, and 2) this organization is responsible for over 300 thousand occult female kidnappings since 1900, 150 thousand of these curbside sacrifices, the other 150 thousand Black Mass sacrifices.

The black mass sacrifice allegedly produces a Satanic fetus, since they sacrifice the mother (bred to the elite like an animal) moments before the fetus is delivered. This is a LIVESTOCK breeding scheme engineered to cull the Eve Novus (intelligence) from the American gene pool.

Laurie Partridge (Spokane, 1974) was a black mass sacrifice. Her perp was Spencer Kimball. The Black Mass infant is Pastor Steven Anderson.

There are others.

No one’s going to hold your hand on this, savior you or make it possible for you to free yourself of these monsters and restore Disneyland 24/7. In fact, your preoccupation with pharmaceutically toxic fast food, sex/abortion and degenerative entertainment has baited you to this future.

If you want your liberty and freedom you’re going to have to be willing to live the enlightenment lifestyle upon which this is based: analysis, ideology and reason. The alternative is what you are currently dealing with and more correctly described as chaos, fantasy and irrationality punctuated with herd sacrifice which culls the Eve Novus.

What’s not going to work is a pathological issue with denial commonly understood in psych circles as victim psychopathy, the compliment of which predatory absolute psychopathy and empowerment for your exploitation.

You have a soul. What you do with is is up to you. Contrary to what people would like to believe about Barack Obama, he too has a soul, and he’s completely responsible for what he does with this as well.

For your information, God speaks to all of us, some powerfully, others subtle, but NO ONE is this intelligence’s mouth piece. If you sense the morality of an issue, that intelligence is God talking to you, and you will find there are many others who have heard him speak.

The White Horse Prophecy is the monarchy’s repatriation agenda for the US and has played itself into Middle East conquest as well. As I stated earlier, these are horrific circumstances, particularly for young women and children, for obvious reasons.

I know how you are, America. You yawn and scratch your ass when you have to think. The powers that are controlling you know this about you, too, which is why they are taking the reins. You are feeling bit and don’t like it, but you are doing nothing to help yourself except complain and threaten one form or another of resistance. You’re not organized for it, but they are, obviously.

What trend the White Horse Prophecy ultimately produces is completely up to you. You have a Bill of Rights (first ten amendments). I suggest you read and apply yourself to it, or capitulate.


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