Common Core/MK Trauma Based Education

20SEP13 Common core juxtaposed with certain new district policies aligned with Federal Gun Control legislation criminalizes the imagination and forces degradation upon the mind of the child the predictable outcome of which is deep and lasting psychological damage to one’s ability to think. You don’t need statistical data and a 20 year longitudinal research project to prove common sense. This produces madness, the mechanism for this sustained coercive exposure to the double bind over which the child has absolutely no control, and parents who are sending their children into these circumstances are out of their collective mind. Common core is Nazi education. If you study analysis of the thinking and behavior of serial killers you will learn said childhood was plagued with trauma role modeling experiences the likes of which are presented in Common Core under the guise of education reform. Common Core isn’t education reform. It’s indoctrination in debauchery very much ion vogue with MK Ultra and Monarch training. Do you get it yet, or are you too perverted and looking forward to seeing your child “trigger” conditioned to mayhem over which YOU will have on control. Ever watch the Manchurian Candidate? It’s programmed into Common Core, Mr. and Mrs. US Happy Jack.


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