Common Core/Psychological Rape

19SEP13 Stop thinking the district is going to be on your side with ethical issues involving Common Core. Districts will typically kowtow to Federal mandates to avoid losing funding over controversial issues involved in implementing this macabre curriculum. District administrators don’t have a conscience principled on the constitution but are in fact guided by district and federal policies (and a paycheck which they value highly) prescriptive of whatever rules are handed down by the Godly US Department of Education, which in this case you WILL debauch the child’s mind by educating to vice. Embedded in this curriculum is a technique called the double bind the point of which is to present content in competition with the mainstream ethical community subordinating the latter to inverse morality the consequence of which is chaos and irrationality. It’s also emotionally abusive and precipitates schizophreniform reaction in the mind of the child. You people are taking it over when you aught not be doing it, but Americans aren’t psychologically equipped to deal with this except to capitulate. You do two things really well the other of which is copulate. In other words, you’re sick. They (NGA, USDOE) are getting inside your child’s mind via psychological rape you standing there doing the dumb act. You think the NGA has your child’s best interest at heart in this project? Do you know what child sacrifice is, dumb fucks? “They” are following a four point occult protocol stage one of which is to con you with this monstrous curriculum. Stage two is implementation and, as you can see here, applications in the use of the double bind to get you chasing your tail. Stage three will involve public humiliation, and Stage four will be stress induced suicides buy mistake and misunderstanding you standing there watching willfully stupid then as you are now. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! We’re describing 4th grade in this discussion. You think it’s going to get better the younger they are. EXCUSE ME? The ideal child sacrifice victim is a three year old (Kevin Annett), and Common core is headed there now. you are not only stupid, America. You are PATHOLOGICALLY stupid.


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