Common Core/Reason Satanized= Irrationality

20SEP13 I value Michelle Malkin among the top Pundit Journos of our day, so I am careful not to stomp on her work. I DO have to add something here that’s not being said so people who read this understand with clarity that tacit analysis and reason principled on morality, ethics and philosophy are the hallmarks of a civilized nation and that Satanized via fantasy these become chaos and irrationality. It is INSANE knowing what Common Core is doing to your children to send them to school and expose them to this macabre curriculum. You might as well have recruited John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy and Richard Allen Davis to teach in your children’s classrooms, since this is the mentality of the curriculum you are collaborating with your local school district. Where do you think our beloved Demon USDOE administration got this stuff in the first place? California is working on rehabilitating child rapist Pedro Vicente Aguirre and institutionalizing gender free restrooms in public schools. Where do you think this is going? do you think it’s beyond the state and federal legislatures NOT to put Aguirre in the classroom? Dear naive reader, INVERSE MORALITY is the Fabian prime directive, and folks do NOT know what this is. America is USHappyJack! You are an audience in an immense magick show of perverse policy making, and you are standing there watching this corrupt your children and talking it over. The Genesis Eve had the same problem. Full retard.



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