Common Core= Sharia

This will be a work in progress. I don’t want to write a long narrative on this but rather highlight what appears to be strong and intentional alignment between Common Core and Sharia.

Bearing in mind that Islam is more government than religion, it behooves Americans to understand that if they allow this to happen capitulation of US government is a forgone conclusion with Islam establishing itself as the preeminent administration, folks in the wings awaiting a rescue from our own government a complete waste of time.

With Common Core now having penetrated key districts across the nation, unless people are savvy enough to see what coming at them and redirect to education principled on the constitution this promises to be a nightmare transformation of domestic infrastructure.

Stupid doesn’t work in these circumstances. My advice, embrace the change or SYG, NOW! Just so you know, America isn’t conscious enough to understand the former, and Americans aren’t conditioned or focused enough to engage the latter.

One of your favorite past times is abortion, America. You’ve been fucked. Do what you do good, or does that offend you because it’s YOU that’s being aborted? Poetic justice, eh?

I know I’m monologuing, but I nonetheless have one more thing to say before cutting to the CC/S analysis. This about one of your OTHER favorite past times, fast food.

Driving by our local McDonald’s this afternoon I observed this fast food restaurant to be percolating with business. Looks good on the surface, but this is the same food entity that five years ago was test marketing a value meal nugget manufactured from pureed human fetus.

Recently, McDonald’s was discovered selling chicken nuggets containing what appears to be human remains.

Let me say this as pointedly as I possibly can. America has gone FULL RETARD!


Under Development


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