Common Core/Sharia

20SEP13 Summary judgement, baby. Shut the fuck up or get mugged and arrested! Click on the highlighted date and see for yourself.

I did the following complaint analysis to bring clarity to what will otherwise be muddled argument in defense of security officer intentionally crossing civil boundaries reminiscent of the Kelly Thomas murder by Fullerton police officers, Jay Cicinelli and Manuel Ramos. Of course this current event in connection with Common Core did not achieve this crescendo: however, it did appear to be staged opportunistic for this by mistake and misunderstanding. 

Open Forum Censorship
Baltimore County Public Schools
Superintendent Dallas Dance

Citizen Arrest Report (CARe)

I use the following four principle criteria and questionnaire to guide this narrative complaint:

[ ] Domain Awareness
[ ] Threat Assessment
[ ] Rapid Dominance
[ ] Professionalism

1 What were the circumstances surrounding this event?

2 Did the police officer appear to be in danger? What level of threat and how met?

3 Was rapid dominance necessary to control the alleged combatant?

4 Did the officer appear to provoke an unreasonable confrontation? Did the combatant provoke the officer?

5 Was the officer professional? Was the alleged victim courteous?

6 Did the officer engage or harass any witnesses?

7 Did there appear to be provocateuring?


1 Male Doe stood up during a publicly held school meeting and began speaking to the meeting chairman during a presentation only review of highly controversial standards based Common Core curriculum. Engagement escalated to male Doe asking a question evaded by the chairman. Any ideas or questions the parents had were to have been written on a sheet of paper and forwarded to the chairman. Male Doe continued to pursue his question in open forum issuing on PAST PRACTICES and BEST PRACTICES methods for conducting such meetings. Common Core changes this dynamic with highly structured presentation protocol to curtail discovery which is usually featured in open forum discussion. Meeting committee sat giggling during this event.

2 The security officer approached male Doe closely and made unheard remarks to him. Male Doe continued to speak in open forum. The security officer postured unusually close to male Doe and presented a police ID. Security officer appeared to become agitated and began grabbing and shoving male Doe. Male Doe was pushed several times by the security officer and subsequently arrested, handcuffed and detained curbside outside the building. Male doe was naturally “reflexive” but at not time did he appear to strike the security officer. At no time did the security officer appear to be in danger from male Doe. Male Doe was attempting to address the forum topic at this meeting censored on the basis of a Common Core meeting standard prescriptive of censoring audience participation in open forum. Technically, Common Core meeting protocol circumvents the Bill of Rights and may coerce audience compliance with meeting standards via coercion. Imagine what this wold look like in a classroom. BY GOD LEARN OR BE IMPRISONED! This is the point male doe was making all the while it was being demonstrated upon him by a school security officer.

3 The security officer appeared to use rapid dominance beyond the circumstances and intentionally and willfully became the agent of Common Core meeting standards prescriptive of circumvention of the Bill of rights. The parent had a right to speak at this meeting, and other parents desired to hear what he was saying. Male Doe was NOT combative but was naturally “reflexive” to being assaulted by the security officer. Security officer struck male Doe several times stepping into his space as he did this forcing reflexive contact which he subsequently described as assault. People trained and practiced in martial arts understand reflexive technology in combat, and this case security officer was using this technique to make it appear as though he was assaulted.  Also, using an African American in these circumstances is prescriptive of predicative programming and AgitProp which are ALSO featured in Common core. Common Core is like and may even be modeled on Sharia. Such a meeting structure places the security officer in circumstances where he is acting as an agent of a coercive curriculum upon an adult audience; the natural reaction is going to be emotional escalation that paired with the officer’s race programs witnesses to become racially motivated to retaliate which is Monarch training. The entire audience was victimized in this fiasco.

4 Security officer appeared to become too eager to assert Common Core meeting standards. It is not his place to control the meeting in open forum or based on an arcane procedure that flies in the face of the Bill of Rights, and male Doe was attempting to make this point. Combatant was never belligerent to the security officer but did appear to react in fear for his own safety (oblique posturing to avoid confrontation).

5 Security officer appeared to be motivated to control male Doe in open forum in violation of his 1st, 3rd and 4th, 10th and 14th amendment rights. Male Doe appeared to become fearful for his safety when assaulted by the security officer.

6 Officer did not engage an audience, nor did male Doe.

Scurity officer did appear to be provocateured by committee persons who sat giggling openly as they watched this assault. The problem with this is laughter upon witnessing an assault. This has the appearance of being acute witness stress response and if not said witnesses found this assault sadistically entertaining deepening the psychological impact of this event on male Doe.


Parent witnesses asked that male Doe be left alone so he could ask his questions. Giggling and laughter ensued among committee who witnessed male doe being assaulted by the security officer. Common core.

Fact is this event was laced with black propaganda and crisis strategy AgitProp directed at suppressing parent engagement and discovery in an open forum. People were there to learn what Common Core is, and was not possible under the circumstances except to say that what we saw exhibited in the behavior of the security officer and meeting committee was bizarre by constitutional standards.

The following begs further discussion to determine the true motivation of committee and the security officer. Were any of these individuals Muslim?

CAIR has boldly requested that Maryland public schools shut down one day in observance of a Muslim holiday raising the concern that this particular meeting was influenced by Sharia. If correct, this meeting knowingly and willfully violated constitutional process of law and criminalized normal civil behavior principled on the Bill of rights.


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