CC/S (Narrative) ANALYSIS

Diversity and Intelligence

Diversity empowers emotional intelligence and promotes leadership. Organizations and domestic systems which curtail diversity will dissimilarly prevent this. In a nutshell, Common Core, highly organized around a one size fits all concept of education, has been intentionally engineered to inhibit learning.

Odd as this may seem, and America is ungodly slow figuring problems like this out, Common Core SOP is in fact an application of inverse morality in competition with the rule of law principled on the constitution and the negative core of which is the Sharia duplex: 1) a moral code which does not allow discussion or discovery of diverse ideas (eg evolution v creationism)  and 2) coercive dogma narrowly focused on irrational and prescriptive believes which makes it a religion.

You don’t have to be a scholar, technical reader or genius to figure this out. If such an enterprise circumvents or in any way contravenes the Bill of Rights, it is constitutionally insolvent, which means it’s an unlawful curriculum, although it was written to persuade you to believe you have no choice about this. Where you get into trouble with this is Common Core also structures how the child interacts with the parent, and this is without a doubt intrusion of the state upon the family.

In a nutshell, Common Core functions primarily via mobbing/harassment the application of which is so antithetical to our constitution it’s surprising people are even sending their children to schools that are using this very sick national curriculum. You’ve got John Wayne Gacy meeting your children for school every day. What are you gong to do about it?  You are trying to do stupid. It won’t work.

Like it or not, you need diversity to kindle leadership, one of the features of  failure in coercive institutions the fact that all the dominoes thus arranged will inevitably fall due to the sameness of their predecessors. I believe this is what the authors of this ghoulish curriculum have in mind.


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