Common Core/Arguments Against

This is an anthology of literature chock full of arguments against Common Core the purpose of which is to provide information which correctly identifies this curriculum as a domestic engineering project in the pseudo science of the perverse sexuality of occult macabre. If you’ve already figured out Common Core has more to do with promoting Aleister Crowley sex and degeneracy, congratulations! Good luck dealing with those who are looking forward to it. I’m serious. You are in for an eye-opening experience as you will ultimately learn who the true pedophiles are in your community. We already know who the are at federal and states DOE. Has it yet dawned on anyone that Arnie Duncan (child-like name; Arnie= “impregnate” , Duncan= Yoyo= “tricks”) might have a special interest in such an enterprise? HELLO?

Pandora’s Box

Precipitous Decline in Education

Narrative Pornography

Gates/NGA Confab

Education Nightmare

Pedophilia In this case (scroll down to excerpts 174 and 181) take a look also at a recent Jew News report of a 40-year-old Muslim male who took an eight year old for his wife and subsequently raped and killed her. The connection here is Common Core structured on the Sharia duplex also melds literature that strongly parallels Sharia law which advocates pedophilia. The examples cited outright explain how to do it. Without going into a narrative tirade right at the moment, how is it that americans are not perceiving a problem with this? America, WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!

Illinois Opts Out

Missouri Responds

Insertion of Statist Literature

Voodoo Zen of 3X 4= 11


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