Common Core/US Education Psychopath Hierarchy

esi_psychpath hierarchy

Looks impossible, doesn’t it? You think “ordinary” people wrote this macabre legislation? Monsters authored this nightmare in one of their Crisis Strategy think tanks. You don’t know what that is, do you? It’s indoctrination in DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!

You are not only looking at an education reform model, you are reading a repatriation agenda for the US precipitated on your ignorance of four thousand years of animal husbandry. This is an immense herding scheme, and these ghouls will claim you were completely aware of this when your children begin suiciding and killing one another because they have been psychologically engineered to do so via Common Core acculturation to psychopathy.

You are being herded into a local Armageddon. Parents are doing this: booking McDonald’s for their children’s birthday parties, advocating Pro Choice, and developing their collections of the most recent degenerative entertainment products on the market. That’s it! You got a degenerative education system because you are a degenerate society.

People are all like, “Man, we got to STOP this!” Stop what? Have any of YOU given up your addictions long enough to give serious consideration to what you are even dealing with here? Yes? No? Maybe? Do you drive a late model automobile having traded your other late model for one with a spiffy NAV system you don’t need? Do you know what this is? It’s MARKETED narcissist psychopathy. Is this a problem for you?

You going to give this up? Not on your life you won’t, and the consequence for this is once acculturated to a marketing scheme that taps your income in perpetuity it has to be managed so you frequently repeat the behavior. Common core does this with domestic infrastructure.

The more controlled your thinking is the greater control marketing has over how you live, hence YOUR perpetual and institutional crisis with your own survival all the while one predictive programming event to the next you keep feeding the beast that’s cultivating these circumstances (with your children) you sitting there spacing out, your mind wobbling between victim and malevolent psychopathy and pathetically and hopelessly trying to understand why this is happening in double bind hell.

You can’t deal with this circumstances with moralizing and finger wagging, and even less effective is the midnight candlelight prayer vigil. You have to rout the administration that is pressing this agenda, and you do that by recall elections, or capitulate and sit through Common Core parenting classes that will acculturate you further. but you don’t understand this, do you? Victim psychopath.


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