Common Core/Expatriation

Common Core is not education reform. It’s expatriation. This seditious legislation has superimposed itself upon the constitution circumventing the rule of law and is being used to transform the US to a theocracy on your buck.

What’s amazing is knowing this is going down all the while McDonald’s, abortion clinics and degenerative entertainment continues to flourish in these circumstances. The great moral America seduced to debauchery continues to party while it’s ship fades into an inverse morality Twilight Zone.

All is not lost, however, because the elite will preserve a classical education for themselves. On the other hand, you folks will be educated to your favorite past times in the etiquette of correct customer service skills (would you like fries with that?), scheduling appointments (Yes, the doctor can do your abortion at 3:45 this afternoon, Ma’am.) and hawking tickets to Madonna concerts in perpetuity. These things make you happy. Enjoy what you have in common!


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