There are three intelligences of virtue. You are going to find a plethora of explanations to contravene this information, so this is competitive with what people who want to control you will tell you about your fate.

These intelligences are: analysis, ideology and reason. Analysis and reason are attention to detail and patience with learning, and ideology is the formation of conscience based on your ability to think via the former two. We formulate ideology on analysis and reason.

Virtue Satanized is chaos, fantasy and irrationality. You undoubtedly recognize these, just you are not familiar with how they interact with or are a manifestation of virtue.

We like to think of ourselves as a virtuous people. Vice and avarice are the arch enemies of this, albeit we are easily seduced by a Satanic predator. How is this possible?

The catalyst for capitulation of virtue is fantasy. We’ll generally withdraw from chaos and irrationality the obvious consequences for involvement with such our own suffering. Fantasy fakes ideology and is highly rationalized which is how we are initially baited.

Fantasy is pre conscience and far less virulent an oppressor that say a knife or psychologically abusive assailant: however, predators use all three to bait your confidence. This is why a lie is a dangerous tool in the hands of a politician and the reason you should view a liar as cautiously as you do a serial killer. Both operate at the same level of intelligence.

America has been baited to three really huge fantasies and are being reeled in unable to free themselves of this, because they won’t let go of the bait: fast food, abortion linked to degenerate sex and debauchery entertainment. Occult intelligence will argue there is an underlying ideology to these circumstances. The counter argument by a thinking person would be these are largely mitigated by chaos and irrationality.

The fact remains that American culture is in a degenerative free fall, no one having a clue how they have been anchored to this fate. That’s the irrationality of fantasy. You can never figure it out because you never understood what motivated you to take the bait in the first place. You did it because it made you feel good. Huge mistake.

When you think duplex you weigh both sides of a situation and become aware of the consequences for indulgence and accountable to your like-minded peers for salvation. That formulates ideology tested against analysis and reason, something American’s don’t do.

Proof of how this works was Obama’s famous YES WE CAN campaign press.  You didn’t think. You parroted. You felt good. You preferred the fantasy of what this meant to you psychologically which subsequently open you up to Libya, Amnesty, Common Core, Gun Control and Healthcare Reform. You got chaos and irrationality via the inverse of this little yet very powerful logos via NAC EW SEY(tan)= THANK YOU SATAN.

This information is in your face with reality and you still don’t get it. Why?

Obama said Americans are stupid. This is the reason. America is a happy idiot culture. Americans refuse to think and when set upon by a predator will commence to selling rubber wrist bands, holding midnight candlelight prayer vigils and participating in and promoting roads trip protests, but they won’t organize.

Americans can’t organize, because they are programmed to fantasize when beset by a predator which begets chaos which begets irrationality.

You have to pay close attention to the issues and work through the obstacles with the patience of Job, but this doesn’t work in a state of mind where one moment to the next you are in a self-aggrandizing  moment of glory with a mouth full of Bog Mac, having an orgasm or settling onto two hours of watching Miley Cyrus twerking degeneracy.

This is who you are. You are motivated by the fantasy that these things are more important to you than your ability to think for yourself, and this sets a precedence for everything you do, which is why you aren’t dealing with Common Core in realty, either. You understand the consequences perfectly well, but your response set, as it were, is avoidance, and your Satanic Voodoo Politics handlers know this.

Because of the damage this is doing to our culture, Americans are pathological with these issues. You are automatic on occult intelligence and have neither the desire to end this nor to even save yourselves from this fate baited to this future by fantasies that have transformed you to narcissist victim psychopathy.

For the record, character is principled on virtue, occult intelligence on charisma, eloquence, image and immaturity.


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