Common Core/Draconian or Sharia Education Reform

Maryland came up on the radar this morning DC Caller covering bizarre restrictive school/district policies which clearly circumvent the Bill of Rights and place Maryland school districts under a shroud of a yet undisclosed body of politics that do not follow the rule of law. It’s a pointless article, really, since the Caller fails to follow authentic investigative journalism and has instead left it up to the reader to puzzle through the alleged issues, the risk of accurately connecting this to Sharia likewise circumvented by the Caller. Let’s connect the problem to the entities responsible.

James M. Arlandson did a wonderful piece on Sharia that if the reader will spend the minutes it takes to read this article it will become clear where Maryland state legislature is headed in adopting CCSS state-wide and how this bears on the children and parents in Maryland public schools. He lists ten reasons Sharia is bad for all societies highlighting pretty much what is going on in the US at this time in number 1, Maryland clearly in the sights of Sharia and empowered by the state legislature and now State’s Attorney general.

It’s insane to mull this around like cattle chewing cud waiting for someone to herd you to slaughter. Maryland is not only remiss for not doing immediate recall on the people responsible for his, lack of action is an agreement with the change process. Are Maryland residents really this stupid? New Jersey residents surely are. For you dumb fucks that do not already know this, a politician that lies will also SKIRT your Children. America BOLDLY responds: D’oh!

It’s not going away, folks. Sharia has made a presentation via Common Core, Amnesty, Gun Control and Healthcare Reform, and you are talking it over. I read elsewhere Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious was cover for weaponizing US mosques. Why isn’t DC Caller doing this story? Fake media holds your confidence telling you they smell cheese, but they aren’t telling you where the trap is, and Americans aren’t looking for it, obviously.

It’s getting to a point where Americans are going to need a billion dollar Super PAC just to keep knowledge of the constitution alive against the press of a cohort of congressional traitors and their state elected cronies to bury it. Where are you at this morning, America? McDonald’s? An abortion clinic? Shopping for the latest release of degenerative entertainment to take your mind off these problems? Fucking pervert society.


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