Parents Waking up to Federally Promoted Sharia Malingering in US Education

Robert Small Stand your ground. Summary judgement. Invocation of Sharia.

Jessica Brown Penfield Unified School District, Penfield Massachusetts. CCSS curriculum. Pervert district administrators circumvent and obfuscate parent’s letter to superintendent regarding concerns about Common Core guided curriculum standards. We already know such curriculum educates to the model 3x 4= 11. What Brown is telling us is they are overwhelming children with this macabre inverse morality curriculum, she making the point that eight-year old children are being psychologically pushed in a math curriculum – beyond their developmental learning level – that runs a 90 minute course in comparison to her own 120 minute graduate classes, the consequence of which children are becoming ill. She cites fraud assessment standards and district overstepping its authority to mandate standards which are in fact destructive to learning and confidence, the latter of which is the mechanism by which Sharia gets inside your head with a coercive agenda to sexualize your female children.  Amazingly, BOE moves on to other business. Looks like Penfield is on the Montana plan! Go Brother Grimm!

Jenny McKeigue Olmsted Falls City School District, Olmsted, Ohio. Backed by the Thomas Moore Law Center, mom McKeigue says NO to Islamic proselytizing, the district concedes and attorney collaborated leadership sets a SYG precedence. No to showing Muslims in America in Olmsted, and NO to Project Blue Beam for Ohio, thank you patriot Governor John Richard Kasich! UPDATE Parent asserts ROLA and prevails via Thomas More Law Center.

Parent Desoto Central Middle School, Southaven, Mississippi, degenerate entertainment makes its debut as a three-day study in pimpin, thug life and the lucrative hip hop business. Figure only one parent made waves in a student population of maybe 140 (literature only) is a response ratio of .003%.  No conscience in the body of parents who are represented in this activity. Does that make it right? It sets a precedence that demonstrates people are acculturated to debauchery. This missive points to district involvement in attacking virtue what ultimate target is suppression of Christianity and destructively competitive with family values. Past practices support the idea that districts develop curriculum that promotes the constitution, which this clearly does not. Thomas Moore Law Center? Beyond this folks are going to need a Super PAC to confront this issue nationally, because predators do not stop preying when asked politely not to do so.

Mike Conner – Parent of a child at Hendersonville High School, Hendersonville, Tennessee, challenged a district’s religious studies class that surreptitiously focused exclusively on Islam and proselytizing during a school field trip. Representing the Islamic Center of Nashville, Mohammad Seyed described the activity as an important interfaith dialogue. FACT: Islam is NOT a religion. It is a THEOCRACY, so indoctrination in Islam is EXPATRIATION. Also, Islam uses a numerology system based on Pythagoras. Pythagoras was Greek, and he founded his own religion which ultimately influenced Judaism. One might say Islam is actually a manifestation of Judaism what tap-root to Greek mythology is Pythagoras. Regarding Islamic Center of Nashville, the letters in this entity’s name are a numerological 13. The name is also a composite 1st- 5th derivative 13 in source code. Source code is the international language of Crypto Judaism, NOT Islam, so what’s the connection? Jewish Zionism. The telephone number (615-385-9379) and address (2515 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204) are 11/13. This number is identified with occult involvement between Britain and the US. One of the “hidden” symbols in 13 is Gemini, BTW, and once again linking  back to Greek mythology. Notwithstanding, there is a cartographic link between Parsons, Tennessee and the Islamic Center of Nashville possibly bridging Mosque activity to abductions in the Tennessee Area. That little dome in the top of the mosque is a helmet, folks. All considered, what interfaith dialogue is Mohammad Seyed referring to? Sex Jihad?

Lela Spears Introduction to Crisis Strategy Think Tank Leadership Masquerading as Authentic Education: Worksheets allegedly designed to educated about the constitution are actually indoctrination in expatriation via coercive Common Core lesson planning prescriptive of rewriting the Bill of Rights. This is nothing short of think tank manufactured crisis strategy embedded in the lesson itself and engineered to derail confidence in values principled on the constitution. Such instruments of expatriation are labeled in a manner to make them seem official and authoritative, enter this district’s use of the term National Revised Bill of Rights Task Force. The devil never rests. Parent saw through the district’s masquerade party, the natural follow-up to such malingering by school officials an immediate recall of the superintendent and BOE. While were at it, take a closer look at the lesson. It’s not perceivable by ordinary reasoning, but do try to spot the occult number on this due date. This will piss you off.

17-year-old student at Lassiter High School in Cobb County, Georgia under sege. This is kind of expected. I’ll cover the issue with a narrative. The reader will have to follow-up with a little research to confirm the facts. Basic issue is once again expatriation, school districts kowtowing to federal funding sources and too willing to do collective punishment on Christians all the while promoting Sharia and denying it. The child of this narrative is being made example of all the while Muslim students in a district on the West Coast are being allowed to carry knives to school laced to a necklace (Jurupa Unified School District, California). America doesn’t so much SQUEAK an outrage, otherwise folks would move to recall on these monster district administrators. Let’s face the facts. America is too stupid to fight this.


2 thoughts on “Parents Waking up to Federally Promoted Sharia Malingering in US Education

  1. Just wanted to comment on how troublesome some of your posts and comments are. As I dig deeper into your allegations I find there are some truths in your claims. It is absolutely overwhelming to see the intricate web these folks weave. I am fully awake and can see through much of the wickedness coming our way. Lucifer is in control of this earth, temporarily, for now. There will come a time when this will not be the case. You have quoted scripture yet stated that Jesus isn’t real. I am curious as to why you are denying him or are you denying the existence of God altogether? Clarity of your position.

  2. Jesus was one of the most powerful deity myths ever created which is the reason Christianity is being faded from the mainstream. I don’t mean to seem condescending about this deity, just as we mature we also need to realize this is a nexus to higher conscience and the reason He is regarded as a threat to inverse morality predators. It’s like the stories we learned in elementary school, Pecos Bill for example. These stimulated imagination, stayed with us into adulthood and became the launching point for our own stories explaining things we didn’t have a clue about. They aren’t lies. They are stories in an attempt to explain natural phenomenon that when we eventually understand this it transform to greater knowledge about this world and our purpose here. Key to this issue is the ability to discriminate fantasy not form reality but from ideology, the difference being the former is too great a leap for the human mind to fully comprehend and therefor prone to immediate failure against a back drop of predation. God is real, and yet people fail to hold him in mind which is an example of how this works. God is mitigated via virtue and one’s ability to think, for those who are worthy. Many are not. Certainly Eve wasn’t. She ate her own first born daughter, and radical politicians do NOT want you to understand this, for obvious reasons.

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