Are States Waking up to Federally Promoted “Shuck and Jive” Sharia Malingering in US Education and Domestic Infrastructure?


Remember, notorious ideological USDOE child molestation PERVERTS, Arnie Duncan and Bill Gates, want YOU to educate your five-year old in the correct etiquette of the lessons of the Sahih Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 58, Number 234  via a comprehensive K-6 sex education program so female children learn their place in Pseudologia Fantastica Fabiana (formerly the US).

The capitulation Ratio 1:6.  Sharia embedded Common Core has a 83% acceptance rate in the US via your state legislature (governors, senators and DOE administration). The numbers are periodically updated.

FLORIDA Governor Rick Scott says, “Absolutely not!”

MONTANA Governor Steve Bullock says, “HELL yes!” District Judge G. Todd Baugh reduces sentencing for convicted educator perp because victim was allegedly older than her 14 years of age. Okay, logic issue here. If you are willing to educate your kindergartener about sex YEARS BEYOND THIS CHILD’S AGE and she later gets raped by a child molester educator at 14, OR YOUNGER, she deserves what happened to her! Do you see where this is going? The US is easy pickins because Americans have gone full retard with their preoccupation with fast food, abortion and degenerative entertainment. Let me tell you right NOW, these monsters are lining up for their teaching certificates!

MARYLAND Remember Robert small? Maryland’s got a mosque going up that claiming US territory for Islam. Governor Martin O’Malley, democrat. says, “The illustrious Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is known throughout the state for his … ruthless bullying of defenseless citizens and… in your face dishonesty and corruption…” He’s got a mosque project going that’s fueling district madness involving child trafficking in education, and no one’s checked him on it, yet. I guess Maryland’s got an issue with being polite in double bind circumstances over which good citizen Kane has no control. Victim psychopathy, which is why they got this monster for leadership. Maryland’s fucked.

GEORGIA sycophant Legislature Governor Nathan (Flipper) Deal, one of the most 15 corrupt politicians in congress and NGA insider, says YES WE CAN to Alpharetta mosque putting Georgia’s heartland on the map for SKIRTS perp, Eric – Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free – Holder, Cuz. America having forgot about Myrtle Beach and having NO clue people, especially young women, are disappearing in connection with Obama’s 2008 acceptance speech, are just enjoying the hell out of living the blissful idiot lifestyle higher than a fucking kite on McDonald’s chicken/fetus nuggets, abortion the night after and degenerative entertainment that the devil himself is rejecting (Madonna recall). Georgia’s good citizens of Pseudologia Fantastica Fabiana (formerly the US) BOLDLY respond: giggling and laughter. This explains the problem in Georgia, eh?

OHIO Looks promising if the Thomas Moore Law Center and patriot Governor John Richard Kasich can hold off a CAIR/DOJ sedition insurgency in response to McKeigue/Olmsted, although Columbus is believed to be echoing with laughter issuing from somewhere near the occult commemorative statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger, US ambassador to Project Blue Beam.

WISCONSIN Avoidance.

NORTH CAROLINA Lt. Gov Dan Forrest asserts national and state 4th amendment protections and says NO to federal official’s home intrusion under the guise of Common Core bureaucratic nonsense.


2 thoughts on “Are States Waking up to Federally Promoted “Shuck and Jive” Sharia Malingering in US Education and Domestic Infrastructure?

  1. Although I find your blog posts (as well as your coastx comments) intriguing and often disquieting, some of your findings seem completely accurate and I am beginning to see the Common Core/Sharia connection. Interesting, to say the least. Oh what a mighty web they weave.

  2. “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erodogan, owner of the Turkish-funded mosque in Lanham, Md. Figure US mosques have been weaponized via Fast and Furious and it would not be remiss to say America needs to drop the Big Mac and lock and load. America BOLDLY responds: giggling and laughter. <This doesn't work.

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