The Virtue Duplex, Part I

The Virtue Duplex is an incredibly simple tool for preserving your ability to think clearly and make sound decisions under duress.

This is a philosophically embedded symbol that is the hallmark of one of the most powerful organizations on the planet, this entity currently split between EU and US factions that are competing for mankind.

One of these in on your side. The other is a destroyer and relies on your ignorance for its own salvation. The former is principled on the three intelligences of virtue AKA God conscience. The latter is Virtue predator which you know about via this entity’s preoccupation with chaos, fantasy, and irrationality.

Because you have a natural affinity for fantasy, you have been baited to this future believing the Satanic organization is a benevolent entity that has your best interest at heart which couldn’t be further from the truth, albeit you like what this entity has been providing for your comfiture: fast food, abortion and degenerative entertainment in perpetuity.

As it implies, the duplex always manifest as a two-part application. The operating mechanism which makes it so powerful is inverse morality. You also know this as radicalization but are unfamiliar with the procedure for making it work.

Do know that to be successful this entity must have your confidence and that once baited follows a four point rendition agenda in perpetuity.

Here are three examples of how the duplex presents in the mainstream. Bear in mind that one does not have to possess a high level of knowledge to perceive this, but a basic application of analysis and reason are required to understand it, psychological phenomenon that many people will agitate even considering they should have to think to know this.

The flip side of this paradox is once you learn it you are unstoppable.

Repair/Restoration= Conscience of Christianity
Morality/Religion= Sharia Theocracy
Compass/Square= Eugenics

Analysis, reason and ideology are the virtue intelligences. There are no others, but there are variations. In other words, language variegates presentation, but the meaning will be the same. Stick to these and you don’t become confused or entangled in an argument that loses both you and your conversation in debate.

Virtue Satanized is chaos, fantasy and irrationality which is also presentation of inverse morality, the latter implying the inverse of virtue. The catalyst for degradation of virtue is fantasy.

Ideas are the link between virtue and self-deception the manifestation of the latter occurring when a fantasy is regarded as truth. Such pseudo reasoning subordinating analysis and reason to fantasy corrupts virtue. An individual thus afflicted can be said to have been Satanized.

Fantasy is NOT valid to reason, and the ONLY way one prevents such from becoming psychologically operational is when an idea proves itself against analysis and reason, which at that time it becomes ideology, and ideology preserves virtue.

When you eat fast food, abort your infants and participate in degenerative entertainment, you Satanized on the fantasy that these things are somehow good for you and preserve your right to aggrandize your impulsivity.

There are two forms of motivation, intrinsic, which is spiritual, and extrinsic, which is Satanic. Fast food, abortion and degenerative entertainment are extrinsic sources of motivation. You make the connection from there.

We are all naturally impulsive, the chief difference between us how we discipline ourselves to preserve virtue beset by fantasy presented against what we intuitively know and understand to be incorrect to God conscience. In other words we know the difference between right and wrong. Likewise, Eve understood this. She ate her first-born daughter (Esther) nonetheless and in so doing set in motion the Duplex Satanized.

Destruction of the first-born female is a breeding scheme embedded in the Mason duplex, this largely being accomplished via abortion and SKIRTS abductions while noble Americans are busy stuffing their faces with Big Macs.

Female DNA and leadership socializes the masses, which is why they take this entity out of the gene pool thus keeping you stupid and unable to figure much going on around you except you like to eat, fuck, fuck children and watch other people fuck themselves and animals. This is what you do, your intelligence having been bred to stupidity and hence DUMB FUCK America.

Want out of it? Let go of the fantasy. Just let it go. You can’t. You won’t. You’ve been Satanized. Welcome to your own special little place in hell, under duress and even now unable to release the bait which anchors you there.


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