Inverse Morality

Figure morality, the inverse of this is inverse morality. The inverse of analysis is chaos. The inverse of ideology is fantasy. The inverse of reason is irrationality. Inverse morality is virtue Satanized and hence chaos, fantasy and irrationality.

Decisions principled on virtue test ideas against analysis and reason the outcome of which is ideology. An idea that fails to prove itself against analysis, morality and ethics is a fantasy. Does this work? Most entertainment tests your ability to perceive reality and will push the window on addicting you to chaos and irrationality to hold you as an audience. Such preys on the conscience, and once baited you will not easily disengage.

Having put this through your mind by thinking about it carefully beforehand you probably would not have taken the con. Reality is it’s own reward, and realists, rare as they are, are free of it.

As a moral person, you have certain ideas about the way you believe the world is supposed to operate. For example, perhaps you believe a violent criminal should be locked up. Explain Richard Allen Davis and Pedro Vicente Aguirre. Did you know Davis’ execution was being held off to commute him? Aguirre, a child rapist, is being rehabilitated. These are examples of inverse morality, and they are being promoted and supported by your elected officials who are practitioners of inverse morality.

Another term for inverse morality is the double bind. The double bind is an AgitProp technique engineered to place you in circumstances in which you are unable to make a correct choice. Sustained, and with increasing complexity, the double bind produces schizophrenic-like behavior that can potentially permanently derail your confidence (Penfield Unified School District).

When a child is placed in a situation in which this individual cannot processes the circumstances and is then coerced to do so, psychological damage is a forgone conclusion. Satanic school districts have figured out how to get around this: prove it. Now why would they have this attitude?

People don’t realize psychopaths attract to the populations they wish to prey on. Simple enough, and they lie to get access. What’s amazing is when such a person present’s for a meal, dumb fuck America standing there and allowing it having no clue folks are playing Eve to these monsters parading as benevolent masters of society.

Defense attorneys for Los Angeles Unified School District once claimed that because sex is pleasurable a primary child benefited from her rape by a secondary child who the school had knowledge of this older individual’s history of molesting children. WHERE DO YOU DRAW THE FUCKING LINE!

If you think, you drew the line when you noticed obsessive behavior in leadership, denial of reality in response to your questions about this individual’s motivation, and you became suspect being cast a victim when you know damned good and well if you stand there and take it this SOB will have you for a meal, too. They expect it.

The lesson here is political correctness that does not upset the status quo who is enjoying this as a side show. The OTHER lesson you route this monster before he has an opportunity to establish his hunting territory. Can Americans do this? Kinda looking like no.

Americans themselves are lesser predators, the proof of this is their preoccupation with double bind circumstances involving addiction to fast food, abortion and degenerative entertainment.

For the record, and I know people reading this are going to want to bury me in criticism for saying it, parent bacteria will insulate it’s progeny from a teratogen before perishing themselves. What is America, some degenerative subspecies of mankind lost it’s mind on the road to perdition playing itself off as a victim (psychopath). Doesn’t work. Mother Teresa confirmed this.

In reality, Americans doing the stupid dance is inverse morality, so it’s not really any surprise they should be set upon by an inverse morality predator of immense skill as a professional psychopath. Poetic justice.

4th term abortions and child sacrifice, yummy!


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