The title’s no doubt throwing you. Think patriation/expatriation. The concept isn’t new. It’s a description of how America is coming apart at the seams patriating an invader and expatriating oneself, hence REX-patriation. Figure T-Rex having made himself at home on your living room and you have the correct idea.

This is how it works.

The application of oneself to atypical behavior contravening core principles of society patriates the invading morality and EXPATRIATES your own.

American exceptionalism isn’t a naturally occurring social dynamic. It’s an attitude born on determination to preserve a moral government, the only one of its kind, ever.

If you allow this to happen believing mankind is automatically going to upright itself and align right, you are out of your mind. America has been baited off course, and the purpose for this is patriation of the invading to the exclusion of American patriots.

There is no mistake or misunderstanding here. This has already proven itself on a decreasing birthrate among Americans and a dramatically increasing one among US Muslims.

America wasn’t created in the cesspool culture it’s become, today having acculturated to such phenomenon as pharmatoxic fast food, decadent sex/abortion and degenerate entertainment.

The international corporation patriated with the 14th amendment. Aleister Crowley patriated free love. Twilight Zone music and film is coming at the US from everywhere in the world, Americans oblivious to the moral damage this is doing to them.

These circumstances have bred a feel good for the moment got to have now mentality in competition with the wait and think this through opportunity you’ve been gifted with via your civil rights, the former bought and sold in a business market that is collapsing the latter.

If the business culture to which you have become accustomed is threatening to destroy you, don’t you think it would be a good idea to disconnect yourself from it?

Americans are acting helpless blaming these circumstances on corrupt politicians entirely. YOU ELECTED THEM! Recall them if they lied and are refusing to do the work they were hired for. But alas, if it requires work and accountability it doesn’t feel right and you abstain on the work ethic all the while indulging your declining morality.

In politics, a lie has the equivalent impact of firing a cannon into your home, and yet Americans will indulge such a person with child-like hesitation. This is a mistake. The lie is both a patriation con and the double bind, and American tolerance of this your self-willed expatriation.

Amnesty patriates illegal aliens and expatriates the American labor force.

Common Core patriates Sharia and expatriates Christianity.

Gun control patriates an international standard of compliance to authority and expatriates the 2nd Amendment.

Healthcare reform patriates macabre medicine and the eugenics and genocide agenda of the elite and expatriates American medicine.

I’ll say it again: the application of oneself to atypical behavior contravening core principles of society patriates the invading morality and EXPATRIATES our own. Islam isn’t just a religion. It’s a Theocracy, a complete form of government. Coercing “interfaith tolerance” with Islam is EXPATRIATION.

This is a mess, isn’t it?


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