Are DISTRICTS Waking up to Federally Promoted “Shuck and Jive” Sharia Malingering in US Education and Domestic Infrastructure?


Islam is a theocracy, and Sharia is considered by Muslims to be divine law. The problem for the US is this is competitive with the laws of our republic which Islam considers to be corrupt, and they openly say this. Islam ALSO openly advocates for pedophilia. WTF?

America attracts to ANYTHING that does the warm fuzzy, Barney or wears clown makeup. Teaching Islam in public schools not only violates the constitution, in the end, American children are being expatriated. That’s how damaging this is.

School districts are kowtowing to federal regulation to protect their funding, administrators and educators thinking of paychecks first, freedom and liberty completely out of mind. Districts hire educators that have no conscience and will do whatever they are told. They have an insider mentality, and this can be spotted during an interview. No? You aren’t hearing any objections from educators, folks!

People who challenge the system don’t generally survive in this “labor” milieu, because they will interfere in acculturation to Islam.

Okay, so Islam’s innocent as hell and has no intention of causing problems in the US. If correct, why is 9/11 source code for Islam/Muhammad? Why don’t Americans know this? Because Americans have been demoralized via their addictions to fast food, decadent sex/abortion and degenerative entertainment.

People, McDonald’s has TWICE now used human remains to manufacture a value meal product marketed as a chicken nugget, the first time they did this six years ago using pureed human fetus. I’m guessing American educators give away maybe a million dollars in McDonald’s product coupons per yer in their classrooms. How much of this is cannibalism? Does it make it better if McDonald’s agrees to pull its conscience defying products off the market in the US?

How do you resolve this in your mind and call yourselves human let alone American. This is partly why Islam considers the US to be corrupt, not that Muslims are any better. Think about it. Are they correct about US culture? Do we have this backward?

Meanwhile the US is a constitutional republic, but we are under siege from a theocracy that is being used to fade Christianity from the mainstream. Didn’t know that did you? You ought to, but you don’t, and you don’t believe it because you’ve been demoralized via debauchery and domestic terrorism shock and awe; demoralized people don’t think, they OBEY!

Thomas more Law School is our citadel, folks. Show you have a conscience and redirect some of your money to a worthy cause in perpetuity. Give them what you would spend in this OTHER crap and maybe this can be reversed, or capitulate.

Sharia is a punishment nexus. You knew this well before it struck.

Good God, show some intelligence.

Wichita Public Schools Perverted.

Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School Pedophilia advocating divine Sharia okay. 2nd Amendment NOT okay. When an American child visits a mosque, those domes and spires are helmets and spears, but the Imam doesn’t tell you this. So how is it 12-year-old Joseph Lyssikatos can be suspended from school for having a derringer replica key chain but untold THOUSANDS of children being indoctrinated in Islam are regarded as safe entering Muslim buildings that are designed to convey the message of punishment, death and subordination of Western Civilization? Very simple: perpetrator as victim+ simple-minded educators and state legislature eager to make a career out of sycophant politics= treason.

Metro Nashville Public Schools Perverted.

Jefferson County, Colorado says NO to Gates foundation Common Core Trojan Horse, inBloom In THIS case parents forced the resignation of the superintendent which really is the only way to deal with this. We assume leadership will follow a constitutional agenda. Forgive THIS transgression and you can forget about your dignity. Psychopaths do not value your confidence except in ways it can make them lots and lots of status and money. They get a slicker and more polished look with every victim population they fleece, and YOU lose your resources.  Meanwhile, bye bye to MAC momma, Cindy Stevenson, who may be on her way to DC!


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