The Constants of American Expatriation

Variables are highly unstable features of domestic infrastructure. Constants are stable and unlikely to change. The following are constants and the most pressing issues we have to deal with at this time.

Since not everyone can be a businessman, attorney or politician, people are limited to understanding and responding correctly to these circumstances, therefor lay recommendations accompany each item.

[  ] Radical Leadership (vet, THEN vote; recall)
[  ] Police State (pedo cops are eager to kill; know/assert your rights)
[  ] Media Induced Division (look for authentic journo)
[  ] Rampant Corporatism (corp policy does NOT trump the constitution)
[  ] GMO in 80% of Food Supply (controlled by Monsanto; BOYCOTT)
[  ] Human Remains in McDonald’s food (BOYCOTT)
[  ] Abortion (authentic pro-choice is abstinence; BOYCOTT)
[  ] Degenerate Entertainment (demoralizing; BOYCOTT)
[  ] Dismissive Sycophant Public (mental health issue)
[  ] Shara/Expatriation (a consequence of inaction)


1.8% Birthrate among American families
8% Birthrate among US Muslim families


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