Common Core Indoctrination in Child Sex Exploitation <WTFIT?

I found this in an article that briefly discussed Common Core third-grade reading curriculum “guidelines”.  Certain parts of the narrative stood out to me as a horrific example of what Common Core is actually attempting to do, indoctrinate in an attitude of tolerance for exploitation for sex which in my opinion is why states and districts are so eager to institutionalize it.

es_peter and patty

One blogger compared this story to a more positively rendered Hansel and Gretel. All I can say is at lease Hansel and Gretel warned of predation, which is a correct perception of the forest.

This story lies and falsely indoctrinates on the Patrician AKA Tory Bourgeois which in its own way falsely teaches that the wealthy middle class are more reliable than your own family, with certain problems.

Peter and Patty are ALSO identified with occult formulation of child sacrifice, more specifically the child sacrifice debauchery ritual; cottage made of fruits and vegetables is a “bath house”, children taken there exploited for sex. This story makes it so.

Common Core is probably a good backdrop for NDAA and indefinite detention children taught to believe that whatever happens to them at the hands of these monsters is in some macabre way rewarding.

Themes like abandonment, child sex and how to psychologically adapt to abuse are prevalent in this pornographic literature, districts really only interested in one thing: teaching your child to accept pedophilia, parents having abandoned children to this hell in their public schools cum bath houses just like the story describes.

Take a good close look at Arne Duncan, folks. There’s something terribly wrong with him, and there’s something wrong with you for letting him get away with this.


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