MERC is a Pandora’s Box of insurgency techniques one of the friendlier versions of which is Amnesty. Amnesty sounds humanitarian and democratic, doesn’t it? It actually is, in the worse possible sense.

US Repatriation Politicians (REPOs) are in two projects: the Trans Pacific Partnership and NAU. This is the backdrop for Mark Levin’s motivation for a con con and the reason I don’t trust him.

Levin, and others like him, are playing into a corporate scheme to redesign North America joining Mexico, the US and Canada, and a constitutional convention would issue on melding these into a preemptive quasi NAU charter under British control. In this regard, Levin is a British national and journo traitor.

To make this happen, REPOs need a mechanism to fairly rapidly expatriate Americans, enter a legislative reprieve. Amnesty displaces the indigenous, in this case Americans, by an entity motivated to usurp and lay claim to the resources of the status quo, such understood to be a MERC insurgency, the purpose of which is NAU acculturation.

This is constitutionally illegal albeit nonetheless a corporate routine and presses itself into the mainstream via insider malingering in voodoo politics between a corrupt legislature and international corporations.

The reason they are getting away with this is America debauched on Ronald McDonald, Planned Parenthood and degenerative entertainment, REPOs simultaneously fading American identification with Christianity to eliminate a divine SYG.

Americans need to shut up and disconnect from their debauchery resources if they are genuinely motivated stop this. In reality they are not, and this proves itself in the long lines at McDonald’s, a flourishing abortion industry and Twerking.

Let me say it differently for you who are the self-identified conscience of America and doing your part on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn: unless you deal with this in realty, you’re the worst case scenario of fucked.


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