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ANTI-Christ? You don’t know.

This is a topic I generally avoid, the problem with discussing religion it’s so highly variable people can not and generally will not focus on a constant.

Religion is a narcissist’s rather pleasant epiphany in front of a mirror where through some genius of misunderstanding the viewer completely controls the image, albeit in reality the consequence for doing this is a character deficit.

Let’s cut to the quick and put Christ in perspective first and then  correctly describe this entity’s evil twin.

Christ is a solar deity myth (1, 2, 3) a highly sophisticated sophist meld of astrology and sun worship what purpose has been an eloquent and masterful attempt to socialize mankind monotheistic, with certain privileges reserved for the elite. This works great: however it also creates a problem that the elite would rather not have to deal with.

Meditation on Christ does in fact free your mind. The illusion is so strong it takes on a life of its own and is the nexus for man’s developmental leap to a future free of tyranny. This is so powerful a reflection it took the inquisition to stop it during the middle ages.  I think you get the picture. Preserve it if you can, although good luck with that!

The ANTI Christ is a puzzle that if you correctly understand Christ you are familiar with and can anticipate the dark side as it were. Unfortunately most people who claim to be Christians do not have this information their own conscience about the depth of a puddle of water in the gutter after a debauchery storm.

Reread the character deficit described in the second paragraph above. Such individuals are themselves quite the model of the ANTI-Christ they claim is the bane of civilization. In reality they are this allegedly horrific entity. Puzzle over that for a moment. These are challenging circumstances to say the least.

I’m going to do this backward so you don’t read this me telling you what to think. My guess you have no idea what I am talking about and that your primary source of information is the Bible.

Reading and parroting bible verse  is not thinking per se but an excuse not to think, since most people to do this are in fact creating God in their own image. It’s cheap. It’s quick. It’s ill-advised.

Coming at this from the ANTI-Christ, the correct identifying labels are collapse and exclusion. Do we see collapse of US domestic infrastructure and expatriation? You are familiar with the former, not the latter. In a nut  shell, amnesty displaces an US labor force of at least one million Americans. Expatriation from within our own society nonetheless.

The ANTI-Christ is collapse and expatriation the vehicle of which is MERC legislation, and Obamacare and amnesty are examples of this.  Legislative sedition+ adjunct mercenary population= MERC.

Some prolific narrative savant will sell you a dozen books to teach you everything you need to know about Christ. Go ahead and spend your money. That’s what’s it’s for. Discover the constants and move on. That’s what you are supposed to do, my opinion.

I’m not going to tell you what the Christ constants are. There are two. There’s enough information in this  missive to discover this on your own, but you have to be willing to think to do this. Most Americans will not.

My advice: Islam’s not the answer, but do roll with the changes.

FYI, censured from Barracuda Brigade.


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