MIND BLINDING by Mistake and Misunderstanding

Ethical paradox presented against backdrop of Sharia mitigated curriculum standards institutionalizes a Satanic manifestation of the duplex the consequence of which is coerced indoctrination in government alternative to our constitutional republic. The DCBR is a virtue works.

re Chilling High School Assignment… Anti-creativity bias is introduced via the statement, “You are only to use the information provided.” This locks out problem solving how to get treatment for every patient on the list thus programming the student NOT to think. Thinking involves analysis and reason. Invocation not to think hazes the mind with the false belief that there are no alternatives other than what are presented in the assignment, the point of which is following the corporate rule book.

If this activity was a lesson in social bias as the author asserts, where is the rater? The teacher is defending the activity as an exercise in social values. What is the model? Kohlberg? Colby? Fishbein? How about none of the above? How about this teacher is a liar and parents will restore this individual’s dignity instead of seeking a dismissal via an attorney and damages for forcing double bind circumstances on a captive audience. The REAL and ACTUAL problem here is MIND BLINDING.

People don’t understand something here. YOU AREN’T DEALING WITH  BARNEY, dumb fucks. You are dealing with district staff, including the superintendent and BOE, invested in sexualizing your kindergarteners and primary students, parents on the wings scratching their asses and sniffing the air.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS MOTIVATING THESE PETTY TYRANT PREDATORS? They want to  FUCK your children, and YOU are astro-turfing this enterprise stupid as Eve Eden ever was.


Answer: You are letting them get away with this, because this perversion is your own state of mind. Well alrighty then!


esi_death panel assignment

Institutional double bind is stage 2 occult propaganda what mission is to derail the constitution.


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