Inverse Morality Voodoo

Assuming this is a real situation and not one created by the monsters that invented radical liberalism, I argue against cavorting with classical literature that is NOT solvent with the three intelligences of virtue for the simple reason that to promote their Satanic alternative gets you it’s  Satanic manifestation. We become what we think we are.

Keeping it simple for American Simple Jack, the mind movies this crap creates is probably not what you want going on inside your kindergartener through high school child’s brain, but it really is up to you.

Re Education Today: Where bestiality is Innocent Absurdity, the theme is INVERSE MORALITY, the consequence of allowing this acculturation to a macabre state of mind in which no boundaries exist from which to assert reality.

The long-term damage of this attack on reality is usurpation of the status quo and eventual replacement by alternative government that will once again set boundaries, vice more to its own liking, and these will likely involve bestiality, among other perversions.

The reader is being MERCed, parents constitutionally violated, the child’s morality, ethics and future being acculturated to a Godless state of mind. AgitProp provocateurs will deny this.

All I can say is learn the duplex or be damned. Americans typically do not wish to think, the fallout situations like this and more correctly perceived as inverse morality voodoo.


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