America- Aia= MERC

The title is an attempt to provoke the reader to think, but the cipher is a good year of study to understand it, so there’s no way this can be explained here except to introduce the idea that things are truly not as they appear to be.

With this in mind, explaining MERC is likewise case study in insurgency the subject of which is about as important as calculus is to Disneyland patrons. I have to try nonetheless.

Figure MERC as an invisible army of soldiers that itself doesn’t even know it exists. It’s virtually ANY special interest group that has a desire for greater power, visibility and autonomy what resources are generally blocked by the status quo.

There may be good or bad reasons for this, but the point is they can be mobilized to usurp the status quo by individuals who are likewise motivated to commandeer the property of an entity targeted for seizure. Radical liberalism is such an enterprise, and its alleged humanitarian interest in freeing the closet culture is a fool’s paradise.

Illegals, Islam, LGBT, Pro-Life and California’s pedophiles united club, the BBFP, are virtually all MERC insurgency special interests.  MERC is a radicalized movement promoted against the status quo, it’s morality/ethics and grip on the constitution, and is the bulwarks of legislative sedition and repatriation.

MERC serves the elite but in fact does nothing lasting for special interests. Soon as they have been used to collapse the indigenous, MERC insurgents too are lost in the shuffle. It’s the same application as using a predatory animal to thin a prolific species. Soon as the food source is depleted, so goes the predator.

In a nutshell, MERC derails the indigenous government raising the flag of the usurper, in this case corporate socialism, leveling an otherwise lethargic public who wait for but never receive protection from their lawmakers or legislature.

The payoff to corrupt leadership is unchecked access to money drugs and sex, and the indigenous are forever contained by laws engineered to convince them they have no alternative other than to capitulate.

Virtually ANY entity has the potential of providing MERC support to this end, including standing US institutions that are otherwise bound to constitutional ROLA but that are being coerced to repatriation under threat of economic loss if they do not, an example of which is the bizarre relationship between Monsanto, the federal government and public education.

Boycott pharmatoxic fast food, abortion and degenerate entertainment in perpetuity if you want to stop this. THESE are the mechanisms by which MERC is being funded in the US, but people will NOT let them go.

America is an idiot culture. People know what to do but will not. Good luck!


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