Duplex Metatron

esi_duplex metatron2In the Illustration, “You Were Born Here”= TACIT self. “…Mercantile Mysticism…” = Acculturated/Satanic.

The model presents Tacit v Satanic, the former your God-given inheritance, the latter it’s acculturated mercantile substitute.

People have a natural inclination to morality. This comes with the gift of the cerebrum. We know the difference between right and wrong, and we understand when we are causing undue suffering to others.

Novus practice this gift helping others and through providing support to the community: however, there is a problem where some do not develop this aptitude, and they are best described as psycho-paedomorph psychopaths. These are the Satans of our culture, and they present child-like and naive posturing which is misunderstood to be harmlessness.

Satans are predatory, and psycho-paedomorphism this is a rouse to get inside your head where they automatically morph the double bind, shock and awe and occult rendition.

Mercantilism isn’t a bad thing except when it becomes necessary to educate to it to keep the money flowing to those who control it. In this regard, they bait fantasy with such enterprises as Ronald McDonald, Planned Parenthood, degenerate entertainment and Honey Boo Boo. Buy onto this crap, and they cultivate you as a slave race mystified on the idea that GOD wants you this way, that you have no choice. Bullshit!

Forgo the bait and you free your mind, or be a slave. It’s a choice.



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