Tau Meta

Tau (drafting)

CNET Crisis Strategy Agitprop Street Theater National Emergency Training the origin of which is Fabian Society, Tavistock, Obsidian analysis and SRA International.

chem-trails (drafting)

Diebold The voting machine manufacturer responsible for election rigging anomalies and irregularities with ‘e-voting in the 2000- 04 presidential elections.

Monsanto This agribusiness corporation manufactures GMO products that decrease digestive assimilation loading the tissues with effette matter which impedes absorption of nutrition and eventually produces death. In particular, these products target female metabolism effecting reproduction and birth, hence the name MONSANTO (Mons+ vulva/7; santo/7). OEN cipher cloaks the Monsanto logo identification with the female genitalia that without this would appear to the public thus: Monsvulva.

NAFTA An agreement signed in 1992 by Canada, Mexico, and the United States, creating a trilateral rules-based trade bloc in North America.

NAU The North American Union (NAU) is a theoretical economic and political union of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The concept is loosely based on the European Union, occasionally including a common currency called the Amero or the North American Dollar.

NDAA The National Defense Authorization Act, a federal law specifying DOD budget and expenditures. Each year’s act also includes other provisions, some related to civil liberties. Everyone should understand what’s in the NDAA before the full Senate paves the way for Guantanamo-style indefinite detention being brought to the United States itself.

Paraphilia Since many RADICAL organizations use coerced BDSM and pedophilia to recruit and retain membership, it is important to know the motivation of those who practice this grisly behavior.

Paraphilia is both organic and socialized and often times presents in horrific crimes against humanity albeit is typically summarily dismissed via discretionary powers of the policing entities (gatekeeper police officers, detectives, charging prosecutors and ultimately court prosecutors) whose affiliation with any number of like minded fraternal brotherhoods trains them on perverse and horrific crimes and then protects them from the justice system in perpetuity thus perpetuating paraphilia, and sadophilia in particular, as a function of an administrative only coven masquerading as some noble organization.

Police discretionary power is an institutional double bind and process of avoidance that can be used to acculturate society to tolerance of abuse of females by sadistic elite male and female perps and children by elite sado-paedophiles. The system is actually set up to aggrandize this corrupt administrative insofar as perpetrators and their assets subscribe to fraternal brotherhoods for access to human paraphilia resources and desire subsequent protection against prosecution.

In other words such process of law is designed to loft leadership addicted to paraphilia, laws alleged to protect children from such perverted individuals directed at the street and in no way at those among the elite who perpetrate these horrific crimes at will.

In a corrupt administration, police and prosecuting attorneys will service a blueprinted brotherhood rendition project and install an NOC/CNET team to which they turn a blind eye to the the misdemeanor and felony crimes these individuals commit, all of this to aggrandize paraphilia.

PATRIOT Act Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001. The USA PATRIOT Act Originated w/Bush and is subject to four year renewals. No senator had read the bill, 911 CNET demolition of the World Trade Center used as a pretext for it’s creation and the subsequent attack on Iraq, deposition and trial/hanging of Saddam Hussein.

SRA (drafting)

Vaccinations What if the stuff in the vaccination you are unaware of – once injected through the skin and bypassing the child’s immune system – targeted the liver, kidneys and intestine and permanently oxidized mitochondrial production of choline and ATP? No big deal? This is what Sorbitol (processing agent) does in the current MMR, but you will never hear a discussion about this. The monsters that are doing this won’t talk about it. The medical impact on the infant and toddler is an immediate sustained change in mood, memory and intelligence typically attributed to autism, but it’s not. It’s an attack on the endocrine system with a residual effect during puberty with an increase in demand for ATP which mental health then attempts to correct using ADPS medications that can and sometimes do destroy the child.

What if you’re an adult and the stuff you are unaware of in the vaccination causes the body’s immune system to attack the same stuff that’s naturally occurring in the joints? You get the vaccination and all of a sudden you’ve got what feels and looks like severe arthritis. Such an adjuvant is squalene, and introduced through the skin this substance causes the body’s immune system to attack same. Simple enough, but do people care enough to question the official recommendations and marketing pamphlets that promote this macabre pharmacology? Nope!

Most of us are aware of thimerosal. In vaccinations, it’s a preservative. Introduced through the skin of an infant, thimerosal passes the blood brain barrier and permanently interferes in myelination of Purkinje axons presenting in Asperger Syndrome, a mild form of autism.

Sorbitol, squalene and thimerosal were used in the US on populations targeted for pharmaceutical research 1982- 2002. Targeted public were sanitized 1985- 90 via FDA deregulation which permitted manufacturers of baby food to completely withdraw DHA from their formula products. Next phase was WIC, the target populations 1990- 2002 receiving the bulk of the immunizations containing Sorbitol, squalene and thimerosal.

The idea was to study the effect of these substances on a DHA deficient diet. Learning disabilities spiked 1990 and rose dramatically by 1996 prompting a cohort of medical professionals in the US to petition the government to stop the vaccination regimen.

They still use Sorbitol/MMR concurrent with a manufactured baby food saturated with DHA. in other words, same effect, just it’s hidden for the moment. Diminish the magnesium content of certain foods via GMO or interfere in the body’s ability to manufacture L-Carnitine and pharmacology will have produced the next generation immunization/GMO zombie for target practice by police that “feel” their threat assessment rather than analyze or reason same. Police nor victims either one have a clue they are being baited to a kill.



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