2008, rising star form the Senate mentored by Ted Kennedy, bright and lively promises to clean up Washington, restore faith in government and deliver an agenda of YES WE CAN, HOPE and CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN. All lies, but no one checked the fine print in Obama’s qualifications to learn he was affiliated with the Weatherman, disbarred and had no authentic proof of his identity, enter AGENDA REPATRIATION.

Obama’s campaign press was YES WE CAN, HOPE and CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN. America trusted this professional conman and elected him president. A myriad of domestic and international scandals ensued, the most notorious of which is the fact that no one really knows WHO or WHAT Obama is.

What we do we know is Britain created Obama, and with increasing focus on this Drac’s preoccupation with killing women and children overseas and in the US, Britain is now distancing herself from him hoping America doesn’t possess the intelligence to perceive her role in this monster’s repatriation agenda on her behalf. You have to be pretty fucking stupid to NOT understand Britain is in fact in full court press to conquer the world as has always been this entities mission in the UK, and taking back the US is one of her pet projects in perpetuity.

There’s history on this beyond the scope of this missive, but do be aware the LDS is a part of this macabre undertaking and that the Book of Mormon was assembled not in the US but in Britain under the tutelage of the Jesuits and with the explicit mission being to debauch Protestantism making penetration on US domestic infrastructure a cake walk.

LDS made it’s debut with plural marriage to children (pedophilia) and domestic terrorism (Mountain Meadows), neither of which is a topic for discussion in the mainstream but aught to be as often as the sun rises, because like the sun, this is not going away. In the absence of a solid education in virtue, America naturally faded to debauchery, the natural connection to be made that Americans like to fuck children and blow things up. If not, why are you doing this via congressional proxies?

I will briefly describe Obama’s campaign rhetoric and the way America can resolve the character issue with it’s preoccupation with vice, but I am telling you also this is far from over on imagination alone. The civil war was created via interference from Britain opportunistic to write the reconstruction amendments, the end result that this seditious legislation was engineered to enslave you to the international corporation what manifestation in indigenous cultures superimposes itself upon and destroys the standing governments via policy making that does not recognize ANY constitution, in Britain’s interest of course.

While it may seem like the British parliament is taking the side of the US in putting down David Cameron’s bid to attack Syria, that, my friends, it British theater. You have to know and understand Britain invented Hitler AND Carl Marx and was attacked by the former not out of a lack of British intelligence (Brits are by and large smarter than Americans) but by design: this brought the US military into service for Britain’s conquest agenda for the Middle East. That was 1945. We are only beginning to understand this 67 years later (2012) as the US militarizes via Obama CNSF for this purpose.

Do pay attention. This is as simple as it is going to get educating you on Obama’s deception and the manner in which the US can make a pretty rapid recovery from it’s debauch stupor. Just bear in mind you are not getting a rescue. If you come out of this you will begin to look for opportunities to contribute and stop trying to live a narcissist victim utopia free of the struggle for independence. The real enemy is a hatred so deeply entrenched against humanity it doesn’t matter what race you are. You are a  target for genocide, because you have allowed yourself to become one.

YES WE CAN issued during an election campaign and presented primarily to prove the public was not paying attention to the message. Debauchery was thus embedded, and a public satiate on pharmaceutical toxic fast food, wild sex/abortion and degenerative entertainment took this bait like they are taking all the other garbage mainstream media and advertising was throwing at them. The Twinkie revolution proved the mentality of American intelligence, and subsequent increase in DC scandals involving not only Obama, by members of congress, lofted  on a public that by the time Anthony Weiner and Miley Cyrus made their debut the US was awash in it’s own shit and loving the smell of it.


YES WE CAN. Remember this rhetoric bullshit and remind you children the devil never rests, which is why you must absolutely educate ongoing in the three intelligences of virtue: analysis, idealism and reason, every one of these scrapped by Obama’s OTHER project, Common Core. Common Core educates to the next generation of degeneracy, again setting aside the intelligence of virtue and replacing this with indoctrination in chaos, fantasy and irrationality. What public servant in his or her right mind would promote such an enterprise in the US? A Satanist.

YES WE CAN has a message embedded that you can get the gist of by reading the logo backwards thus: nac ew sey. The pronunciation played backward on an audio device is a very clear THANK YOU SATAN. America’s finest protestants were repeating this often believing deeply that Obama was indeed our salvation. He got inside your head with this crap. You  repeated it often. THANK YOU SATAN. THANK YOU SATAN ANAI.

HOPE seems inofficious enough one could not possibly link this to malfeasant character. It’s a staple in the mental attitude of people like mother Teresa, the Dali Lama and Obama. Mother Teresa joined the convent to avoid contact with the Germans and acknowledged before her death she did NOT make it into heaven. She was a liar. She hid. The Dali Lama is a CIA asset. Obama is believed to be the clone of 2400 year old mummy, AKHENATEN.

This is the tip of the ice berg. Not only was Obama not a natural born citizen, he’s not even natural born. He is believed to have been created in a lab overseas in a eugenics project engineered to collapse US domestic and economic infrastructures by an entity that by all definitions is a real life Ghoul, and he has a twin. The same is true for Oprah spiritualist favorite, Ulrich Tolle. He’s an easy read if you know the ODC and in his day was considered one of the great minds of civilization – 2400 years ago – but is useless today.

There are literally thousands of BMIn populating the US as you read this, two of whom operate out of GNC/Prison Planet. BMIn are black mass infants born to mothers who are sacrificed moments before their birth, this delivery believed to produce a soulless and Satanic fetus. They are doing it for entertainment. Some people like to kill other people, and the more horrific the death, the more pleasure they derive from it. Your missing the connection satiate on institutional debauchery which has dulled your senses and your sensibilities to these ghastly circumstances.

Even with the corruption swirling around Obama, you think this impossible. You’ll dismiss this out of mind and stuff your face with your favorite snack food and move on. Go ahead, idiot.

HOPE backward is epoh, the meaning of which in the URBAN dictionary is a false meaning for hope. You got THANK YOU SATAN from professional psychopath Obama. Do you think it’s so impossible that HOPE wasn’t thus corrupted by an individual we not only do not know who this is, but he’s asserted his desire to commit daily genocide of innocent women and children abroad and in the US. You are familiar with his international agenda.

You are NOT aware of XI-U, and public knowledge of the latter was the reason Team Obama lofted his phony Bin Laden capture in 2011. He’s a SKIRTS perp, and one of his targets was Holly Bobo in collusion with a cohort of Tennessee Politicians and at least one from California.

This is impossible, isn’t it? CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN, same propaganda technique. This campaign logo is an ODC 5 representing the pentagram. We are familiar with this symbol on our flag. It’s upright in that media but otherwise inverted is occult protocol: con, inverse morality, shock and awe and rendition of the will.

Obama’s been caught. In your mind he’s accountable. In his mind he’s Free Willy. BELIEVE in the manner and context presented= subversion via crisis strategy principled on occult malingering involving agitation propaganda. That’s an education in the ODC you are not going to get here, and if Jesuit leadership has it’s way you never will. Many people will not learn to do this anyway  out of fear of Satanic influence upon their conscience and retaliation from “Jesus“ if they do so.

Let me make this perfectly clear. YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN ACCULTURATED TO SATANISM and child sacrifice via the PATRIOT Act and NDAA. You don’ believe this, because it hasn’t yet penetrated your thick head that “Drac” is alive and well and living in the US in 2013.


I saved this for last for a reason. It’s a myth which presented as a visual image makes it’s way into your mind via trust, a benevolent symbol of the master race about which you have no clue. You are used to seeing this symbol on wind bottles and are familiar with the terms Mogen David and Shield of David. ODC analysis translates these as the number sequences 113 and 911. There are a couple of problems with these numbers I won’t go into here, but I will tell you this. If you see the latter and don’t understand the connection to domestic terrorism and Mountain Meadows, you have already been bought and are owned by the entity that created it, your freedom a loss you will never recover.

The shield is formed by two letters, A and A inverted, or V. Combine them geometrically perfect and you have the star of David. Your sensibilities will argue with this. English alphabet. Jewish symbol. Not possible. It is possible, and the meld of these is Crypto Judaism and Hermetic mysticism, and BOTH are child sacrifice entities.

This information penetrates Nicaea and challenges even the origin of the Bible, again people acculturated to the believe this is the literal work of our maker. The unanticipated consequence of political Christianity is  Protestantism, the latter of which is a developmental movement away from Nicaea’s plan for mankind via a Jew eugenics breeding scheme and mass indoctrination in  ignorance.

If you don’t get it, or this information is too challenging for you, you’re perfect NWO material. Satiate, unmotivated and self-aggrandizing to a fault, and that fault is avarice, or the A in the shield of David. The way they get at you is baiting your intelligence to chaos, fantasy and irrationality, and the mechanism for this is their prolific occult protocol and con in perpetuity. Virtually ANY breach of reason floods the mind with an impulse driven desire for unchecked access to food, sex and degenerative entertainment. Ten they give you what you want and brag about it, “You wanted it this way. you got it this way!”

In reality, they baited you to this, you consciously readied by a visual symbol that opened your mind, they, a Trojan horse of debauchery, once inside, dumping everything they have on your intelligence to dull your sensibilities, and YOU thus engaged in chanting ceremonies with their Satanic invented transhuman eugenics deity you incorrectly believed to be your salvation. You do recall THANK YOU SATAN. Do debauchery, even in a magick show, and you stop thinking.

The three intelligences of Virtue aren’t locked in to the Bible or any OTHER narrative of antiquity but are simply one’s ability and determination to use analysis, idealism and reason against the darker psychological forces of chaos, fantasy and irrationality.  It’s your choice. It always has been.

So WHO is Obama really? For the time being we know he doesn’t have an authentic birth certificate and enjoys and even brags about killing women and children. Never cracks a frown, smiling constantly as though he’s drugged. got an special interest group to bullshit, he affects colloquial expression to identify with his audience.

Don’t kid yourself about what you are dealing with. Margaret Sanger underlings are advocates for child sacrifice, so is Obama. the common link between that is primary distemper psychopathy. Texas lawmen disarmed such a groups relieving them of bottles of urine ad feces they were planning on throwing on the Texas state legislature for revoking abortion licensure. That’s not a bill of Rights issue. It’s highly orchestrated criminal provocation, and the source of it is Britain.


American’s can’t singularly defend against tyranny less leadership somehow connected to the state and federal legislatures. If congress is promoting this, which it is, the only other mechanism we have for SYG is sheriff and military, and BOTH are beginning to understand how they too have been duped into playing pasty to a scheme to overthrow US government from within (debauchery).


They are taking no prisoners an example of which appears in the imagee below.

Child Sacrifice

Child Sacrifice

esi_skirts rev

Christianity is under attack, and for the reason stated. This religion bore itself into the future on a solar deity myth, but even so remains the most powerful meditative force in the world. We can reasonably say Jesus is a cosmological reality as imaginatively inspiring as any urban legend ever written and as real as one is able to make him the ultimate example of virtue.

People never discuss virtue this simply, but the connection to be made to Jesus is you know BOTH the power of the Satan and how to deal with this if you are going to match wits. Jesus’ death is what we look like to our oppressors. In reality this isn’t feasible if we are going to survive. The message is we have to fight this, or capitulate. Matthew was written to program the latter, the only way to overcome this being to place your faith in God the ultimate survivor in these circumstances, and that, dear moribund reader, is the three intelligences of virtue.

Whatever Obama believes himself to be, he is NOT a POTUS principled on the constitution. He IS a fraud, and how complicated this is will depend on your willingness to look more deeply into the politics that created him.


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