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ANTI-Christ? You don’t know.

This is a topic I generally avoid, the problem with discussing religion it’s so highly variable people can not and generally will not focus on a constant.

Religion is a narcissist’s rather pleasant epiphany in front of a mirror where through some genius of misunderstanding the viewer completely controls the image, albeit in reality the consequence for doing this is a character deficit.

Let’s cut to the quick and put Christ in perspective first and then  correctly describe this entity’s evil twin.

Christ is a solar deity myth (1, 2, 3) a highly sophisticated sophist meld of astrology and sun worship what purpose has been an eloquent and masterful attempt to socialize mankind monotheistic, with certain privileges reserved for the elite. This works great: however it also creates a problem that the elite would rather not have to deal with.

Meditation on Christ does in fact free your mind. The illusion is so strong it takes on a life of its own and is the nexus for man’s developmental leap to a future free of tyranny. This is so powerful a reflection it took the inquisition to stop it during the middle ages.  I think you get the picture. Preserve it if you can, although good luck with that!

The ANTI Christ is a puzzle that if you correctly understand Christ you are familiar with and can anticipate the dark side as it were. Unfortunately most people who claim to be Christians do not have this information their own conscience about the depth of a puddle of water in the gutter after a debauchery storm.

Reread the character deficit described in the second paragraph above. Such individuals are themselves quite the model of the ANTI-Christ they claim is the bane of civilization. In reality they are this allegedly horrific entity. Puzzle over that for a moment. These are challenging circumstances to say the least.

I’m going to do this backward so you don’t read this me telling you what to think. My guess you have no idea what I am talking about and that your primary source of information is the Bible.

Reading and parroting bible verse  is not thinking per se but an excuse not to think, since most people to do this are in fact creating God in their own image. It’s cheap. It’s quick. It’s ill-advised.

Coming at this from the ANTI-Christ, the correct identifying labels are collapse and exclusion. Do we see collapse of US domestic infrastructure and expatriation? You are familiar with the former, not the latter. In a nut  shell, amnesty displaces an US labor force of at least one million Americans. Expatriation from within our own society nonetheless.

The ANTI-Christ is collapse and expatriation the vehicle of which is MERC legislation, and Obamacare and amnesty are examples of this.  Legislative sedition+ adjunct mercenary population= MERC.

Some prolific narrative savant will sell you a dozen books to teach you everything you need to know about Christ. Go ahead and spend your money. That’s what’s it’s for. Discover the constants and move on. That’s what you are supposed to do, my opinion.

I’m not going to tell you what the Christ constants are. There are two. There’s enough information in this  missive to discover this on your own, but you have to be willing to think to do this. Most Americans will not.

My advice: Islam’s not the answer, but do roll with the changes.

FYI, censured from Barracuda Brigade.



MERC is a Pandora’s Box of insurgency techniques one of the friendlier versions of which is Amnesty. Amnesty sounds humanitarian and democratic, doesn’t it? It actually is, in the worse possible sense.

US Repatriation Politicians (REPOs) are in two projects: the Trans Pacific Partnership and NAU. This is the backdrop for Mark Levin’s motivation for a con con and the reason I don’t trust him.

Levin, and others like him, are playing into a corporate scheme to redesign North America joining Mexico, the US and Canada, and a constitutional convention would issue on melding these into a preemptive quasi NAU charter under British control. In this regard, Levin is a British national and journo traitor.

To make this happen, REPOs need a mechanism to fairly rapidly expatriate Americans, enter a legislative reprieve. Amnesty displaces the indigenous, in this case Americans, by an entity motivated to usurp and lay claim to the resources of the status quo, such understood to be a MERC insurgency, the purpose of which is NAU acculturation.

This is constitutionally illegal albeit nonetheless a corporate routine and presses itself into the mainstream via insider malingering in voodoo politics between a corrupt legislature and international corporations.

The reason they are getting away with this is America debauched on Ronald McDonald, Planned Parenthood and degenerative entertainment, REPOs simultaneously fading American identification with Christianity to eliminate a divine SYG.

Americans need to shut up and disconnect from their debauchery resources if they are genuinely motivated stop this. In reality they are not, and this proves itself in the long lines at McDonald’s, a flourishing abortion industry and Twerking.

Let me say it differently for you who are the self-identified conscience of America and doing your part on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn: unless you deal with this in realty, you’re the worst case scenario of fucked.

Understanding Common Core Influence On Curriculum Doesn’t Get Any Simpler Than This

This is one of the finest examples of the application of inverse morality to Common Core available online. You do NOT have to be a genius to figure this out. Just be willing to perceive a problem with the irrationality of the math and understand that magnified over a couple hundred repetitions, less than a school year, your child’s mind will be permanently programmed schizophreniform.

Common Core curriculum malingering overwhelms the imagination w/the double bind inducing a schizophreniform state of mind promising only to permanently damage child’s ability to think. There’s no question of what this is doing to young people psychologically. The question is how much longer are American parents going to allow this before someone snaps? My Advice, don’t snap, but DO recall district BOE/supers that promote this macabre.

Also, teachers are in the game, the point being that with not one of  them fighting this you are squarely at odds with an institution that has no intention of backing down.

es_common core curriculum

Common Core Indoctrination in Child Sex Exploitation <WTFIT?

I found this in an article that briefly discussed Common Core third-grade reading curriculum “guidelines”.  Certain parts of the narrative stood out to me as a horrific example of what Common Core is actually attempting to do, indoctrinate in an attitude of tolerance for exploitation for sex which in my opinion is why states and districts are so eager to institutionalize it.

es_peter and patty

One blogger compared this story to a more positively rendered Hansel and Gretel. All I can say is at lease Hansel and Gretel warned of predation, which is a correct perception of the forest.

This story lies and falsely indoctrinates on the Patrician AKA Tory Bourgeois which in its own way falsely teaches that the wealthy middle class are more reliable than your own family, with certain problems.

Peter and Patty are ALSO identified with occult formulation of child sacrifice, more specifically the child sacrifice debauchery ritual; cottage made of fruits and vegetables is a “bath house”, children taken there exploited for sex. This story makes it so.

Common Core is probably a good backdrop for NDAA and indefinite detention children taught to believe that whatever happens to them at the hands of these monsters is in some macabre way rewarding.

Themes like abandonment, child sex and how to psychologically adapt to abuse are prevalent in this pornographic literature, districts really only interested in one thing: teaching your child to accept pedophilia, parents having abandoned children to this hell in their public schools cum bath houses just like the story describes.

Take a good close look at Arne Duncan, folks. There’s something terribly wrong with him, and there’s something wrong with you for letting him get away with this.

The Constants of American Expatriation

Variables are highly unstable features of domestic infrastructure. Constants are stable and unlikely to change. The following are constants and the most pressing issues we have to deal with at this time.

Since not everyone can be a businessman, attorney or politician, people are limited to understanding and responding correctly to these circumstances, therefor lay recommendations accompany each item.

[  ] Radical Leadership (vet, THEN vote; recall)
[  ] Police State (pedo cops are eager to kill; know/assert your rights)
[  ] Media Induced Division (look for authentic journo)
[  ] Rampant Corporatism (corp policy does NOT trump the constitution)
[  ] GMO in 80% of Food Supply (controlled by Monsanto; BOYCOTT)
[  ] Human Remains in McDonald’s food (BOYCOTT)
[  ] Abortion (authentic pro-choice is abstinence; BOYCOTT)
[  ] Degenerate Entertainment (demoralizing; BOYCOTT)
[  ] Dismissive Sycophant Public (mental health issue)
[  ] Shara/Expatriation (a consequence of inaction)


1.8% Birthrate among American families
8% Birthrate among US Muslim families


Reauthorized by Obama December 31, 2011, NDAA is being challenged by states legislatures that see beyond the veil of federal fiat policy making and into the depths of the Twilight Zone macabre of at will “abduction” of US citizens by the federal government, something like that. Beyond the obvious, what’s really weird about NDAA is companion legislation TSA and the manner in which Americans are subjected to invasive searches, confiscation of property (and children) and in some cases detentions having no basis in reality. The federal message is submit! in contravention of federal and state constitutions, the ultimate challenge back make us, fuckers! in those states where legislatures are authentically invested in lawmaking principled on the rule of law and value their citizens rights.




ARIZONA In Progress



Are DISTRICTS Waking up to Federally Promoted “Shuck and Jive” Sharia Malingering in US Education and Domestic Infrastructure?


Islam is a theocracy, and Sharia is considered by Muslims to be divine law. The problem for the US is this is competitive with the laws of our republic which Islam considers to be corrupt, and they openly say this. Islam ALSO openly advocates for pedophilia. WTF?

America attracts to ANYTHING that does the warm fuzzy, Barney or wears clown makeup. Teaching Islam in public schools not only violates the constitution, in the end, American children are being expatriated. That’s how damaging this is.

School districts are kowtowing to federal regulation to protect their funding, administrators and educators thinking of paychecks first, freedom and liberty completely out of mind. Districts hire educators that have no conscience and will do whatever they are told. They have an insider mentality, and this can be spotted during an interview. No? You aren’t hearing any objections from educators, folks!

People who challenge the system don’t generally survive in this “labor” milieu, because they will interfere in acculturation to Islam.

Okay, so Islam’s innocent as hell and has no intention of causing problems in the US. If correct, why is 9/11 source code for Islam/Muhammad? Why don’t Americans know this? Because Americans have been demoralized via their addictions to fast food, decadent sex/abortion and degenerative entertainment.

People, McDonald’s has TWICE now used human remains to manufacture a value meal product marketed as a chicken nugget, the first time they did this six years ago using pureed human fetus. I’m guessing American educators give away maybe a million dollars in McDonald’s product coupons per yer in their classrooms. How much of this is cannibalism? Does it make it better if McDonald’s agrees to pull its conscience defying products off the market in the US?

How do you resolve this in your mind and call yourselves human let alone American. This is partly why Islam considers the US to be corrupt, not that Muslims are any better. Think about it. Are they correct about US culture? Do we have this backward?

Meanwhile the US is a constitutional republic, but we are under siege from a theocracy that is being used to fade Christianity from the mainstream. Didn’t know that did you? You ought to, but you don’t, and you don’t believe it because you’ve been demoralized via debauchery and domestic terrorism shock and awe; demoralized people don’t think, they OBEY!

Thomas more Law School is our citadel, folks. Show you have a conscience and redirect some of your money to a worthy cause in perpetuity. Give them what you would spend in this OTHER crap and maybe this can be reversed, or capitulate.

Sharia is a punishment nexus. You knew this well before it struck.

Good God, show some intelligence.

Wichita Public Schools Perverted.

Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School Pedophilia advocating divine Sharia okay. 2nd Amendment NOT okay. When an American child visits a mosque, those domes and spires are helmets and spears, but the Imam doesn’t tell you this. So how is it 12-year-old Joseph Lyssikatos can be suspended from school for having a derringer replica key chain but untold THOUSANDS of children being indoctrinated in Islam are regarded as safe entering Muslim buildings that are designed to convey the message of punishment, death and subordination of Western Civilization? Very simple: perpetrator as victim+ simple-minded educators and state legislature eager to make a career out of sycophant politics= treason.

Metro Nashville Public Schools Perverted.

Jefferson County, Colorado says NO to Gates foundation Common Core Trojan Horse, inBloom In THIS case parents forced the resignation of the superintendent which really is the only way to deal with this. We assume leadership will follow a constitutional agenda. Forgive THIS transgression and you can forget about your dignity. Psychopaths do not value your confidence except in ways it can make them lots and lots of status and money. They get a slicker and more polished look with every victim population they fleece, and YOU lose your resources.  Meanwhile, bye bye to MAC momma, Cindy Stevenson, who may be on her way to DC!



The title’s no doubt throwing you. Think patriation/expatriation. The concept isn’t new. It’s a description of how America is coming apart at the seams patriating an invader and expatriating oneself, hence REX-patriation. Figure T-Rex having made himself at home on your living room and you have the correct idea.

This is how it works.

The application of oneself to atypical behavior contravening core principles of society patriates the invading morality and EXPATRIATES your own.

American exceptionalism isn’t a naturally occurring social dynamic. It’s an attitude born on determination to preserve a moral government, the only one of its kind, ever.

If you allow this to happen believing mankind is automatically going to upright itself and align right, you are out of your mind. America has been baited off course, and the purpose for this is patriation of the invading to the exclusion of American patriots.

There is no mistake or misunderstanding here. This has already proven itself on a decreasing birthrate among Americans and a dramatically increasing one among US Muslims.

America wasn’t created in the cesspool culture it’s become, today having acculturated to such phenomenon as pharmatoxic fast food, decadent sex/abortion and degenerate entertainment.

The international corporation patriated with the 14th amendment. Aleister Crowley patriated free love. Twilight Zone music and film is coming at the US from everywhere in the world, Americans oblivious to the moral damage this is doing to them.

These circumstances have bred a feel good for the moment got to have now mentality in competition with the wait and think this through opportunity you’ve been gifted with via your civil rights, the former bought and sold in a business market that is collapsing the latter.

If the business culture to which you have become accustomed is threatening to destroy you, don’t you think it would be a good idea to disconnect yourself from it?

Americans are acting helpless blaming these circumstances on corrupt politicians entirely. YOU ELECTED THEM! Recall them if they lied and are refusing to do the work they were hired for. But alas, if it requires work and accountability it doesn’t feel right and you abstain on the work ethic all the while indulging your declining morality.

In politics, a lie has the equivalent impact of firing a cannon into your home, and yet Americans will indulge such a person with child-like hesitation. This is a mistake. The lie is both a patriation con and the double bind, and American tolerance of this your self-willed expatriation.

Amnesty patriates illegal aliens and expatriates the American labor force.

Common Core patriates Sharia and expatriates Christianity.

Gun control patriates an international standard of compliance to authority and expatriates the 2nd Amendment.

Healthcare reform patriates macabre medicine and the eugenics and genocide agenda of the elite and expatriates American medicine.

I’ll say it again: the application of oneself to atypical behavior contravening core principles of society patriates the invading morality and EXPATRIATES our own. Islam isn’t just a religion. It’s a Theocracy, a complete form of government. Coercing “interfaith tolerance” with Islam is EXPATRIATION.

This is a mess, isn’t it?