Censorship at The Western Center for Journalism

re Team Investigated On Bullying Charges Just For Winning A Game

Here’s an example of how alternative media co-opted by political correctness is pressing itself into the mainstream and censoring opinions that do not comply with communitarian standards of journalism. If your views fall outside the box, censored.

Western Center for Journalism

LD says:
October 26, 2013 at 1:32 pm
The game is the test of training and skill not a forum for helping your opponent win. It’s competitive. On the OTHER hand, communitarianism, which is what you are referring to, is the equivalent of what the Aztecs did when THEY played sports. The winning team got sacrificed, stupid.

Reply Avatar of isis55isis55 says:
October 27, 2013 at 1:54 pm
Wow! Training and skill? Maybe. But Vince Lombardi was known to draw a diagram to show his teams plays to the opposing teams. Guess what? None of the other teams ever stopped his team, even though they knew the play. So, sometimes you can help stupid, and sometimes not! Also, I never knew the Aztecs studied Karl Marx.

Reply LD says:
October 27, 2013 at 2:35 pm
Are you kidding? Marx studied the AZTECS! No genus there. Just applied rhetoric in inverse reality. Every socialist paradigm has done the same. Failure is a forgone conclusion as is culling the masses by mistake and misunderstanding. Then there are fools whom, by virtue of a magic mirror, think… therefore they are.

27OCT13 Your comment is awaiting moderation. < Western Center for Journalism

UPDATE 28 October 2013

If it looks and smells like radical journo, it radical! Monster journalism is making its debut via WCFJ malingering involving a protective relationship with McDonald’s ghoul food. Talk about a knee jerk reaction to reality, THIS kicked the door off the hinges!

I didn’t get the title of the article in my journal and am therefore unable to reference back to the discussion in which this came up, but it is nonetheless worthy of putting to words here so the reader, if any, gets an idea of what’s going on at WCFJ. Weirdness.

Reply LD says:
28OCT13 October 28, 2013 at 11:30 am
Well, close… The NEW food pyramid for school lunches is a [“protein” nugget] manufactured from puree human remains imported from overseas. McDonald’s has already perfected the process. By the time people catch up with this American school children will have consumed a billion tons of the stuff. America is stupid. This information is moving so slow is surprising we’re even still here. Unbelievable lethargy in the collective mind in the US. Let’s see if WCFJ censors this.

WCFJ not only censored this post, this journo entity hacked my Yahoo! email account with malware that shut my account down three times. I wrote the following letter to which WCFJ responded with an email duplicating it’s attack. Guess I struck a nerve.

Western Center for Journalism
42104 N Venture Drive
Suite B-122
Anthem, AZ 85086
Phone: 202.370.6366


Your site retaliated on my Yahoo email account re my post about the public schools food source and involvement with McDonald’s nugget products manufactured from puree human remains acquired overseas. Subsequently, when I link to your site from your email notifications, you crash my Yahoo! account. You’ve done this three times. KNOCK IT OFF!

Radical journo by mistake and misunderstanding.

Couple of names to figure this out, Joseph Farah/WND, censored there, too. Sac Bee… I’ll be damned! Got humanitarian links there, too. If you want to be someone special, be a humanitarian. Richard Allen Davis was a humanitarian. Small fucking world. AgitProp is their MO, and Farah gets away with this because he’s SKIRTS. American/Israeli alliance.

So where does all of this fit in w/McDonald’s apropos mandatory school provided lunches? HAHAHA It fits. WCJF is promoting AgitProp, and if this monster had no ROLA boundary he’d have done a lot worse than hacked my email. Life’s full of surprises. This one’s a fucking Jack on the Box.


Duplex Metatron

In the Illustration, “You Were Born Here”= TACIT self. “…Mercantile Mysticism…” = Acculturated/Satanic. The model presents Tacit v Satanic, the former your God-given inheritance, the latter it’s acculturated mercantile substitute. People have a natural inclination to morality. This comes with … Continue reading

Common Core v Reality

Much as there are people out there who may wish to identify with federal education mandates regarding education and what “feels” right in a fly upside down, backwards and by the seat of your pants education system, some with the tacit aptitude to perceive this as a disaster for human intelligence are saying NO to Common Core, NO to PEDOPHILE superintendent of education, Arnie “Yo-Yo” Duncan, and NO to teaching kindergarteners and elementary aged school children how to be good fuck buddies for their adult perps.



Julie Borowski



Tin Ship Productions

Ken Robinson


MERC Politicians

Understanding MERC, it’s easy to perceive why place a foreign national in office in the White House. These individuals are motivated to usurp the status quo and the constitution!

Regarding Donald Trump’s recent missive revealing Obama to be a complete fraud, we already know this, this information timed with James Woods making an appearance to condemn Hollywood debauchery and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s debut against the odds of an election win due to citizenship issues. Game plan? Problem with America is the latter immediately puts them to sleep.

My take, be careful who and what you believe. Trump may be the only way to get Schwarzenegger into office, which I believe is the game plan. For me personally, who gives a crud. For the future of US sovereignty, Schwarzenegger will pretty much end that. He gets a glory ride to POTUS; the US gets screwed. Americans DO have an affinity for victim psychopathy!

We aren’t dealing with people who care about humanity. They care about how to sustain a slave race for their entertainment and to do their work. Notice that since the world has begun to wean itself off industry they are talking an immediate 40- 60% reduction in world population via all sorts creative genocide projects. They want this NOW, not later. WE THE PEOPLE are the population they are referring to.

There’s no question what MERC lab invented Obama. Same on that invented Schwarzenegger. The question is will man confront this in a meaningful way or go quietly into the night, this planet one step away from oblivion, the one that replaces it more perfect PSEUDOLOGIA FANTASTICA FABIANA Twilight Zone?

WARNING Will Robinson! Learn the DUPLEX! Learn to think, or you will learn to die when you are told to!